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Medical treatment in India provides great cost saving benefits besides world class facilities. Even if you don't have insurance, you can afford surgery and world class at these rates. Given below is a rough estimate of cost of procedures in India.

Procedure (US$) Approx. Duration
Knee Replacement.
Single (Incl. Implant)
7500 7 days
Knee Replacement.
Double (Incl. Implant)
14000 14 days
Hip Replacement.
Single (Incl. Implant)
6500 7 days
Hip Replacement.
Double (Incl. Implant)
12000 14 days
Hip resurfacing 8000 7 days
Coronary angiography
500 1 day
Coronary angioplasty
Incl. 1 medicated stent
6500 2 days
Dental implants
1000 2 stages over 3 months
Root Canal Treatment/Tooth 150 3-4 sittings
Breast cancer surgery
5000 3 days
Laser Eye procedure
1200 2 days
Cataract + Glaucoma 1500 2 days
+ Retinal Detachment
1800 2 days
Cosmetic Surgery
Abdomen/Arms& Calves
2000 2 days
Thighs or Buttocks
3000 2 days
Kidney Transplant
Open (Recipient & Donor)
16000 10 days
Kidney Transplant
Laproscopic (Recipient & Donor)
15500 10 days
Executive health check up
200 2 days
Endoscopy 100 OPD

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