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rotator cuff surgery The rotator cuff is a collection of muscles and tendons that form as a part of shoulder joint. The tendons and muscles embrace the arm in the shoulder joint, which helps the shoulder to be in motion. These tendons tend to be worn out due to overuse, injury or any other damage caused to it.

A surgical treatment for the rotator cuff is done to treat a worn out rotator cuff only when the injury is severe or when the patient's recovery from a non surgical healing was unsuccessful, also when the strength and movement of the shoulder is insufficient.

Surgery Techniques:

The following are the common techniques used in the Rotator Cuff Surgery:

Open repair: This type of surgery is suggested only when the patient has undergone complicated or large tears. A large surgical slit or incision is made to move the muscles in order to perform the surgery.

Arthroscopy: This is one of the most common ways where the surgical equipment is put through small opening or a slit. The arthroscopic equipment is attached to a video screen, which helps the surgeon to have a clear view of the torn parts of the shoulder. Three more supplementary small incisions are made to let the surgeon insert the necessary surgical equipments.

Tendons are re-attached to the bone so as to fix the rotator cuff efficiently. Two tiny fasteners called suture and anchors does the work to put the tendon and bone together.

Why Surgery is Required:

Your doctor or physician might advice you to go for the Rotator Cuff Surgery if the pain coming from the injured shoulder haven't reduced. Below are the three main reasons to go for the surgery:

• When a person has a large and complex tear in the rotator cuff.
• When a tear is caused due to a major injury.
• When you are experiencing severe pain in the shoulders.

In fact, a limited tear may not require a surgery, as prescribed medicines, proper physical-adviced exercises to the shoulder and good rest will help the tear heal easily on its own. However, People who do not put heavy stress on their shoulders in their daily routine work are the only ones that can escape without having to go for the surgery.

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Precautions Before Surgery:

• Mention your previous conditions, medications either prescribed or un-prescribed.
• Stop taking medication that would make your blood clot harder.
• Ask your physician or doctor to prescribe you the medicines you need to take before the surgery.
• Any chronic medical conditions to be reported or consulted with your physician before the surgery, should be done.
• Mention your lifestyle habits of food, smoking, and intake of alcohol.

On The Day of Surgery:

• The doctor will strictly refrain you from taking any alcoholic drinks or any kind of food stuffs between 6 to 12 hours before the surgery.
• Take only the prescribed medicines, and not your previous ones. (If any)

After The Procedure:

Your shoulder will be supported by a sling or an immobilizer, which will help the shoulder intact from moving. The recovery time frame is based on the patient's physical and mental condition. A normal recovery may take upto 3-6 months, which depends on the size and quantum of the team and other factors.

Rotator Cuff Surgery to repair a tear that was caused to due any accident, works at its full potential when it is treated immediately. It's an obvious say that any accident or complication requires immediate treatment, but make sure that "immediate" doesn't land you up to the inexperienced doctor. So think wise and make sure to choose the best doctor.

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