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Abdominoplasty, also known as Tummy Tuck is a cosmetic surgery to slimmer the abdomen. The process comprises the expulsion of extra and unwanted fat from the abdomen and to make it tighter for it to look trimmer. In most scenarios, this process of tucking the tummy is undertaken by women after giving birth to child.

During the surgery, the surgeon removes 40-45% of skin from the patient's abdomen and makes it tight enough to make sure there are no excess skin left. However, it all depends upon the patient's size of the abdomen. The post surgery results after 1-2 days might look unsatisfying, especially the navel (also known as belly button) because it is recreated with different methods.

One must remember that abdominoplasty also comes with a mini version of the surgery called Mini Tuck. This method can be considered if you're carrying less fat and skin in your abdomen part. A slim and trim tummy is what many people cherish to get by doing physical movements, morning walks etc but in some cases, all these hard work doesn't pay off. So in these cases, Abdominoplasty is the best option available.

Reasons & Recovery:

It is acceptable that a loose abdomen can be developed at any age or by any gender. Some of the major reasons of developing a loose abdomen are as follows:

1. Old age
2. Over fat consumption
3. Eating without movement for days
4. Child birth

The time frame for recovery takes around one to five weeks, and it is strictly recommended to take complete best rest. Carrying heavy objects between the time frame can be injurious to health. A harsh pain may occur in the abdomen, but it is surely worth the pain to witness the best results. As mentioned above, recovery takes around one to five weeks but for the scars to disappear and also to fully recover, it will take a matter of three months.

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Precautions to be taken:

There are two things that needs to be noted and pointed out before going for the surgery, which are:
1. Getting prepared for a new change - Most of the people who has successfully operated their abdomen to shape it down takes a U-turn in their living style because it wouldn't be any use if you don't follow a well planned diet and begin to develop the loose tummy yet again. So it is necessary to plan out the best diet which won't hamper your hard work in shaping your abdomen.

2. Considering the complications along with the benefits - Some people won't care for the post surgery matters and focus on the slim tummy, but this thinking should be shed away. Even if it is a small surgery, it also includes complications with it. To be precise, abdominoplasty patients rarely face any troubles or complications, but there is no harm in being guarded before hand.

A bit of wise work and steps makes it easy for the procedure to come out safe, so following the above steps will help to do so. It is fare to say that whoever reaches out for a tummy tuck surgery, will have the slim abdomen for lifetime I.e permanently if taken the appropriate steps before and after it. So it becomes a promising surgery with 99% assured good results. The cost factor may vary from various hospitals and surgeons. That is one of the reasons india4health.com digs out the most suitable treatment procedure and cost which will be trusted and also affordable.

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