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The Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre was founded in the year 1987, and it is spread over 12 acres of prime real estate. The Hospital meets the objective of providing high quality and yet economical Medicare services.

Salient features of the Hospital are :

Department Of Cardiology

The department of cardiology has 9 senior consultants, 3 junior consultants, and 14 post graduates.
The department has an active DNB training programme, as well as a DNB interventional cardiology fellowship programme.
Two of eight senior interventional cardiologists, all junior consultants and all postgraduates reside inside the campus.
The department runs dedicated 24-hour cardiac emergency service for rapid evaluation and management of cardiac emergency cases, and has 24 hours catheterization facilities, which has given it the largest Indian experience with primary angioplasty.
It has fully equipped cardiac ambulance for transfer of critical cases.
The department has 2 coronary care units with 20 fully equipped coronary care beds, and 3 cardiac wards containing 50 beds for step down care.

Department Of Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement

The Orthopaedic Department at this hospital has some of the well known orthopaedic surgeons in Delhi. Some of them have had their training in orthopaedic super specialties in both India and abroad and alsofor computer assisted joint replacement (Australia).

Super Specialities:

I. Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive disc surgery
Spinal Stabilization
Deformity correction both congential and degenerative.

II. Joint Replacement

Computer assisted knee joint replacement / navigation surgery
Total surface replacement of hip
Minimally invasive joint replacement.
Unicondylar knee replacement.
Total Knee, hip, shoulder & elbow.
Revision Arthroplasty & Impaction grafting.

III. Orthopaedic Sports Medicine & Arthoscopic Surgery

Menicus Repair
ACL/PCL reconstruction
Shoulder reconstruction
Rotator cuff repair.
Ankle and elbow arthroscopy.

IV. Trauma Surgery:

External & Internal fixation of fractures
Management of Polytrauma patient by the trauma team
Management of complicated and neglected fractures
Management of acetabular.

V. Paediatric Orthpaedic Surgery

Fractures in children
Deformity Correction
Congenital & developmental diseases

VI. Orthopaedic Oncology

Limb Salvage Surgery for bone tumours

Department Of Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a very wide discipline with various sub - branches which include:

a) Congenital anomalies :- treatment of clefts of lip & palate, hypospadias, abnormalities of the ear, jaws etc.
b) Maxillofacial :- Treatment of the facial fracture by the advanced technique of miniplates for mandible, zygoma, maxilla & nose; Orthognathic surgery and temporomandibular joint ankylosis problems etc.
c) Cosmetic Surgery :- Correction of facial and eyelid wrinkles, liposuction, tummy tuck, correction of postburn, posttraumatic or post infective scars, nose-jobs, breast implants or reduction.
d) Hand :- Treatment of nerve, tendon injuries as primary or delayed treatment, skin graft and flaps for skin loss due to trauma or infection, treatment of joined fingers (syndactyly) or extra digits.
e) Microvascular :- Re-implantation of cut or amputated parts of the body (finger or hand), free flap transfer etc.
f) Reconstructive Surgery :- Treatment of non-healing wound or ulcers secondary to injury, diabetes or burn; Skin cover in form of flaps or skin graft for the extremities, bed-sores, scalp, face, chest etc.
g) Postburn Sequelae :- Treatment of postburn contractures of the hand, neck, axilla, elbow, foot etc.
h)Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Batra Hospital is very well equipped in terms of personnel and diagnostic techniques for management of accidents and trauma. Patients are managed by a team of plastic, vascular, orthopaedic, neuro surgeons or any other super specialities depending on the need. The state of the art diagnostic facilities are promptly available under one roof round the clock e.g. 3D spiral CT, angiography and DSA, MRI, Radionuclide studies etc.

batra medical hospital Department Of Dental Science

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Center has a well-established Dental Department providing comprehensive dental care at affordable rates.

State of art equipment available in the hospital has revolutionized dental treatment in terms of patient comfort, operating time with special emphasis on highest standards of asepsis to eliminate dangerous cross infections.

The facilities available at the hospital are:-

Orthodontics : In Child And Adult
Proshthodontics: crowns, dentures , bridges, Implants etc
Oral Surgery : Jaw fracture fixation , cyst removals , jaw resections.
Periodontics: Scaling Curretage and gum treatment.
Pedodontics/child dentistry : fillings , stainless steel crowns, pulp treatment Conservative dentistry / endodontia: fillings (tooth coloured), root canals etc Besides all the above an opportunity to improve dental looks with Bleachings, smile designing and orthodontics

Orthodontics : Correction and alignment of irregular /crooked teeth by fixed/removable orthodontic appliances are available at the hospital. Correction for bony deformities which otherwise cannot be corrected by orthodontic appliances are carried out by orthognathic surgery.

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