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Dental tourism is a innovative concept for a planned vacation along with total dental solution & care for you and your family. Dental treatments are typically very cost intensive in most of Europe & America as compared to India.
The following list encompasses the common forms of treatment that could be answer to your dental problems:
1) Orthodontics - With the advent of better technology now braces are possible even in patients as old as 45 - 50 years provided the gum condition is good. Transparent invisible fiber braces could be used to achieve excellent results.
2) Crown & Bridge - Instead of dentures missing teeth can be replaced with ceramic fixed bridge.
3) Root Canal Treatment - Pain inflicting teeth with deep cavities can be saved with RCT.
4) Teeth Whitening
5) Dental Implants - Single stage implants can be given for immediate replacement of missing teeth.
6) Dentures
7) Cosmetic Dentistry - Broken angulated & disfigured teeth can be made to look beautiful again. Space between two central teeth can be removed with this procedure. Teeth with coloured stains can be changed to pearly white.
8) Smile Designing - This remedy is specially recommended for adults who have disfigured teeth.

9) Dental Filling- A dental filling is a type of restorative dentistry treatment used to repair minimal tooth fractures, tooth decay or otherwise damaged surfaces of the teeth

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Cost benefits of treatment in India

Procedure Cost ($) Approx. in US Cost ($) Approx. in India
Smile designing N.A. 1000
Dental Implants N.A. 800
Root canal Treatment 600-1000 100
Tooth whitening 350-600 100
Porcelain Metal Bridge 1,800-2500 300
Tooth colored composite fillings 200-500 50

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