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Dentzz, Dental Care Centres, a venture by S. J. Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a chain of specialized dental clinics based in the prime areas of Mumbai. India.

Launched with the aim of providing top quality and ultra hygienic dental care using the latest advances in dentistry, Dentzz Centres have been designed and operate keeping in mind the needs of all international patients who seek high quality and affordable dental treatments in India.

Dentzz comprises of a team of dental surgeons from all specialities including:
• Oral Surgeons
• Periodontists
• Endodontists
• Pedodontists
• Prosthodontists
• Orthodontists
• Oral Pathologists
• Dental Implantologists.
• Cosmetic Dentists.

Why Dentzz ?
• Premier, State of the Art Dental Care Centres.
• Use of the latest techniques as per all recent advances in dentistry.
• Highly skilled dental surgeons from all fields of dentistry.
• Relaxed and a comfortable ambience.
• Aesthetic smile makeovers, dental implants, advanced root canal treatments etc.
• Personal care of each patient during and after treatment.
• Working hours from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on all days including Sundays.
• State-of-the-art equipment in every center.
• Extra emphasis on patient education to prevent dental diseases.
• Specially trained staff like receptionists and assistants .
• No waiting lists.
• All major credit cards accepted.

“Dentzz is a silver – free dental practice”
The entire range of dental treatments including preventive, basic, advanced and cosmetic dental care is performed at Dentzz:
• In – depth dental check up and consultation.
• Sealant treatment.
• Fluoride treatment.
• Basic and surgical extractions.
• Wisdom tooth removal.
• Scaling and Polishing (Professional cleaning of teeth).
• Gum surgeries.
• Child dental care.
• Single sitting root canal treatments.
• Tooth coloured (composite) cavity fillings.
• Inlays and onlays.
• Restorations of badly decayed and broken down teeth.
• Crowns and bridges.
• Complete Dentures.
• Cast Partial Dentures.
• Orthodontic treatments
• Aesthetic reconstruction of chipped off / broken teeth.
• Laminates
• Bonding
• Gum depigmentation treatment.
• Crown lengthening.
• Dental Implants.
• Implant supported prosthesis.
• Cosmetic Smile makeovers
• Smile enhancements.
• Instant tooth whitening.
• Tooth Jewels.

dental medical hospital Cavity treatments at Dentzz:
At Dentzz, we believe in the principle of prevention. All Dentzz patients are motivated and recalled once every six months for a regular check up. Early detection and treatment of cavities prevents further complications like dental pain and swelling.
Existing cavities are shown to the patients using intra – oral cameras and are filled using tooth coloured composite materials.

Instant Tooth Whitening at Dentzz:
Instant ‘in-office’ whitening at Dentzz requires just 90 minutes to transform any shade of teeth to a perfect brilliant white appearance. Patients can compare their pre treatment and post treatment shades using our shade cards. This treatment is totally risk – free and with no side effects.

Cosmetic Smile Designing at Dentzz:
Cosmetic dental procedures are used for the correction of various dental disorders like spacing, crooked teeth, malaligned teeth, stained teeth etc or simply to enhance a relatively normal smile. Various procedures like laminates, bonding, aesthetic crowns, gum – depigmentation, crown lengthening, gum recontouring etc are used to bring about a brilliant white smile which is in perfect harmony with the face, sex and the personality of the patient. Dentzz has designed many a smile for various models and actors in the booming bollywood industry.
All dental treatments at Dentzz are performed using strict sterilization and hygiene norms as per the international standards.
Dentzz has a corporate administration, to ensure the smooth and hassle free pre-treatment and post treatment management of our patients.

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