HCG Cancer Hospital

hcg cancer hospital

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore and South Asia's largest Cancer Care Provider, is the only dedicated cancer care network with quality care across 20 centers. It gives hope to over 30,000 new patients every year. It is also the recognized leader in cancer care for over 20 years. We do extensive research and develop innovative treatment methods to provide the finest cancer care. This is supported by the most advanced technology to make cancer a manageable health condition and improve the quality of life of patients. It is our goal and commitment that one day India will be free from the agony of cancer. For over five years HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG) has been defining the future of cancer care in India by designing, building and managing cancer centres with a steadfast vision: to transform cancer care environment by bringing core clinical services to one central place. The intent of this single place is to help patients achieve longer, better lives - and to improve cancer care one centre at a time.

HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG), manages a network of 19 hospitals across South Asia, making it the largest Cancer Care Network of hospitals. These hospitals are located at the following destinations:

1. HCG, Bangalore Institute of oncology, Bangalore
2. HCG, Bangalore Institute of Oncology Specialty Center, Bangalore
3. HCG, Curie Centre of Oncology, Bangalore
4. HCG, M. S. Ramaiah Curie Cancer Center, Bangalore
5. HCG, Curie Manavata Cancer Centre - Nasik,
6. HCG, SMH Curie Cancer Centre – New Delhi,
7. HCG, Curie Center of Oncology – Vijayawada,
8. HCG Cancer Center – Erode,
9. HCG, Curie Abdur Razzaque Ansari Cancer Institute – Ranchi,
10. HCG, NMR Curie Center of Oncology – Hubli,
11. HCG, Malnad Hospital and Institute of Oncology – Shimoga,
12. HCG, Medisurge Hospitals – Ahmedabad
13. HCG, Panda Curie Cancer Hospital – Cuttack
14. HCG, Anderson PET-CT Institute, Chennai,
15. HCG, United Oncology Centre, Dhaka,
16. HCG, Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology, Mysore,
17. HCG, North Bengal Oncology Centre, Siliguri,
hcg cancer hospital At HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG), we view each centre as a model of excellence, a place where physicians can achieve professional fulfilment and breakthroughs in patient care. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters the professional and personal achievements of each person who crosses the threshold of a centre. And by sharing these achievements across the network, the achievements of each centre, each physician, and each hospital are further heightened. Patients are the beneficiaries of these achievements - every accomplishment brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal of longer, better lives for cancer patients and their families. HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG) has grown rapidly and is currently a leader in cancer care, managing a network of twenty cancer centres that span Asia. Each centre is provided with a business system, management expertise and capital resources to bring patient focused, state-of-the art cancer care to new regions.

To continue be the leader in Oncology care in South Asia making high quality cancer care accessible by adopting global innovations.

To create a fulfilling environment where doctors and staff advance the future of cancer care through cutting edge patient care, clinical research and technology; enabling patients to achieve longer and better lives.

- Quality - Enabling patients to achieve longer and better lives.
- Integrity - We are honest and forthright in all our dealings with the patients. We are responsible corporate citizens in the community we serve.
- Innovation - Innovative ways to enhance patient care and provide value to our patients.
- Collaboration - Limitless possibilities of collaborative energy and team work.
- Leadership - We strive to be the best at what we do, both as a company and as individuals.

cancer surgery india Salient features about HCG

• Our key doctors have spent most of their early days in the most advanced cancer centers understanding lifesaving treatment protocols & the latest techniques
• Our doctors specialize in organ preserving surgeries when the rest of India is on organ removal.
• They are focused in teaching other Doctors on how to fight ( treat )cancer.( we conduct DNB programs)
• Only organization to have a national tumor board, where consultants from across the nation meet.
• More than 350 Oncologists in the HCG network.
• The Biggest tumors recorded are removed at HCG.
• Only centre where patients are awake while undergoing Robotic Radio Surgery.
• Not only do we try to perform organ preserving surgeries we also in worst cases where the organs have to be removed, do reconstructive surgeries.
• Pioneers in Advanced Oncology Surgeries with the highest number of procedures.
• More than 30000 new patients every year the highest in the private onco delivery space.
• First to introduce cyclotron & the only GMP recognized unit in India, 4 exist in the world.
• We produce Curies or FDG & supply to other centers for them to diagnose cancers.
• Only centre to do advanced molecular diagnosis like dototac.
• Only centre where the centre for breast health is managed by woman onco specialist.
• Our former patients have joined us in the fight against cancer & formed support groups to fight cancer under the aegis of HCG.
• Only hospital to provide cancer treatment through Equated Monthly Installment. (No interest, no collateral).
• First to introduce CyberKnife Robotic Radio Surgery in India. (0.02 accuracy in treating tumors in any part of the body).
• First to Introduce digital Mammogram .(98 accuracy in diagnosing Breast Cancer)
• First to introduce Artiste with CT on rails in Asia.
• First to introduce PET MRI in Asia.
• Only hospital to have centralized physics for all 20 locations.
• Centralized Laboratory for all locations with home collection of samples.
• Only oncology chain to be recognized by many overseas insurance companies.
• Only oncology facility treating patients from the US, Europe, Africa, Rest of Asia etc.
• More than 1150 beds, 350 oncologist & 2500 plus staff towards onco delivery.
• Only oncology network recognized by the Pan African Network connecting 54 Countries.
• Recognized by other centers as a centre for advanced or recurrent cancers.
• Centre for 2nd opinion as the specialist in cancer by many countries.
• Only centre to have every specialty & sub specialty in cancer.

cancer hospital india Services at HCG cancer hospital :

1. Radiation Oncology:
External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT) or Teletherapy
Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)

Cyberknife – Robotic Radiosurgery

The CyberKnife is a frameless robotic radiosurgery, a non invasive alternative to convential surgery. This cancer treatment system used for treating benign/non-cancerous or malignant/cancerous tumors and other medical conditions. The tumors could be in far reaching aread including the prostate, brain, lung, liver, intestine, spine, pancreas or even the kidneys. The CyberKnife system is one of the leading robotic radiosurgery system designed specially to treat tumors across the body non invasively. The system is manufactured by the Accuray, California.

The CyberKnife system delivers radiotherapy more accurately than regular radiotherapy. The two main features of the CyberKnife system are that the radiation is produced from a small linear particle accelerator and secondly that a robotic arm directs energy to any part of the body from different angles.

Linear Accelerator
Nuclear Medicine

2. Medical Oncology:
Pediatrics Oncology
Center for Breast Health
Preventive Oncology
Daycare Chemotherapy
Patient Counseling
Palliative Care

3. Surgical Oncology:
Head & Neck
Neuro- Onco Surgery
ENT – Onco Surgery
Maxillo-Facial Onco Surgery
Thoracic Onco Surgery – Onco Surgery
Abdomenal Onco Surgery
Laparoscopic Onco Surgery
Uro – Onco Surgery
Gynaec Onco Surgery
Ortho Onco Surgery
Musculoskeletal Oncology

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