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Carolyn Pearson

Procedure : Spine Surgery
Doctor : Dr. Harsha Hegde
Date : 28th January,2008

When I contacted and looked at the credentials of doctors at Artemis; I found that doctors' qualifications and backgrounds were very impressive. The doctor who performed my surgery was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive. He did a perfect job on my back. I will recommend Artemis hospital and its excellent team of doctors to everyone. Nursing staff at the hospital was superb. They were gentle, kind, responsive and thoughtful. The cleanliness is remarkable, the house keeping is excellent. My stay was very pleasant. They arranged for a guide, a car and I had a lovely afternoon outside the hospital in my regular clothes. I recommend Artemis to all.

Mr. John Herstrom

Procedure : Surface Hip Replacement
Doctor : Dr. Harsha Hegde
Date : 05th February 2008

My name is John Herstrom. I am a resident of United States. I am here recovering after a surgery performed at Artemis Hospital a week ago. Artemis has been opened just 8 months ago. It is a very neat and clean hospital, with excellent security arrangements. It is run very professionally. I was very comfortable with the doctor and his team. The main surgeon Dr. Harsh Hegde and two other doctors who accompanied him for the surgery, continued their visits for next the 5-6 days. They visited me 2-3 times a day and checked the dressing on the incisions. They also provided two therapist, who visited on a daily basis. They helped me with the exercises so that recover quickly before being released from the hospital.

The staff was nice, food was nice and the quality of care and attention paid were great.

The surgery would have costed me $20,000 in Canada and $ 40 K in USA. Here it only costed me $ 12 K with no difference in the treatment, care and attention I got.

No difference in the hospitals in Canada and here in India. Now I am looking forward to go home.

Mr. Dan Espeland

Country : USA
Procedure : Two Level Disc Replacement
Doctor : Dr. Harsha Hegde
Date : 27th October 2007

"I was recommended for a 3 level fusion by doctors in USA. I didn't want to undergo this procedure, because my research showed that this could cause problems in the long run. As an alternative, I wanted a two level artificial disc replacement surgery. Doctors back home were willing to perform only a single level of this procedure, which is why I decided to come to India.

My experience at Artemis has been amazing. Doctor Hegde was exceptional. I am extremely impressed with the quality of doctors and surgeons here at Artemis. Most of them are more qualified than the doctors in USA. The number of pre-operative tests performed on me here are way beyond anything offered in USA.
I am also impressed by the level of cleanliness in the hospital, the care provided by and the food provided to me. According to me, Artemis is the best hospital world over."

Mrs. Dee Misenhimer

Country : USA
Procedure : Mini TLIF
Doctor : Dr. Harsha Hegde
Date : 19th October 2007

"I had a cyst on my vertebrae, causing extreme pain on the right side of my body. The cyst needed to removed, but the procedure was quite unaffordable in USA, because I wasn't covered under insurance.

I found out about treatment opportunities available in other countries through a newsletter from AARP, and approached Med Journeys. They recommended Dr. Hegde, as the best doctor available for the procedure I required. I was briefed about Artemis and the fact that it has all the best possible doctors. When I came here, I found Dr. Hedge and his group of surgeons very competent. I have been treated like a celebrity throughout my stay here. Nurses are exceptional. Unlike hospitals in USA, my husband was allowed to stay here with me. Such service and care is unheard of in USA.
My experience here has been incredible. Artemis exceeded my expectations in all areas."

Mrs. Chandini Khanna

Procedure : Bariatric Surgery
Doctor : Dr. Sandeep Malhotra
Date : 17th October 2007

"I had put on a lot of weight and was unable to do even simple things like running around with my daughter. I had been doing research on bariatric surgery for 3 years, before I found out that Artemis specialises in bariatric surgery.

So I contacted Dr. Malhotra at Artemis. He explained to me everything including what I need to do before and after the surgery. I was prepared mentally for the procedure before the surgery. My experience here has been very good.

I wish to tell other people with problems related to obesity, that there is definitely some amount of post operative pain, but it is worth the while if you want to lead a healthy life."

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