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Cancer (medical term: malignant neoplasm) is a category of diseases in which some cells in the human body display uncontrolled growth (division beyond the normal rate). Also seen is invasion (intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissue) and in some cases, 'Metastasis' (spread to other locations in the body via lymph or blood). These three malignant properties of cancers differentiates is from benign tumors. Benign tumors are self limiting and do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form a tumor or tissue mass. The branch of medicine linked with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer is called, 'Oncology'.

Some of the treatment or management options for cancer that exist today are:
The choice of treatment for cancer chosen depends upon the location and grade of the tumor and the stage of the disease. Cancer treatment would also depend on the general state of a person's health and his level of immunity. Experimental cancer treatments are also under development.

Complete removal of the cancer without damage to the rest of the body is the goal of any line of cancer treatment. Sometimes this (cancer removal) can be accomplished by surgery but the tendency of cancers to invade adjacent tissue or to spread to distant sites by microscopic metastasis often limits its effectiveness.

Cancer affects people at all ages with the risk for most types increasing with age. Statistics show that Cancer caused roughly about 13% of all human deaths in the year 2007. Cancers are caused by abnormalities in the genetic material of the transformed cells.[4] These abnormalities may be due to the effects of carcinogens, such as tobacco smoke, radiation, chemicals, or infectious agents. Other cancer-promoting genetic abnormalities may randomly occur through errors in DNA replication, or are inherited, and thus present in all cells from birth. The heritability of cancers is usually affected by complex interactions between carcinogens and the host's genome.

Quite a few of cancer risk factors are environmental or lifestyle-related. Some medical practitioners claim that cancer is a largely preventable disease. Examples of modifiable cancer risk factors include tobacco and alcohol consumption. These associated with increased risk of oral, esophageal, breast, lung cancer, liver cancer and other cancers. 80% of women with lung cancer have smoked in the past. 90% of men suffering from lung cancer had a history of smoking. In india chewing tobacco is directly linked with the incidence of oral cancer. Physical inactivity is associated with increased risk of breast, colon and possibly other cancers. Obesity and being overweight is associated with colon, breast, endometrial and possibly other cancers. Lack of exercise, lack of physical activity and high stress levels also may have a negative impact on health.

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