Osteoporosis treatment in India

Osteoporosis treatment india

Osteoporosis is a most common type of bone disease, which happens due to breakage of bone tissues and loss of bone density. This word has come from Greek word osteon which means bone; and poros which means pores. Osteoporosis may lead to thinning of bones and later resulting in fractures, thus affecting mobility. The two essential minerals calcium and phosphate are responsible for bone production and when our body does not get enough calcium or is unable to absorb calcium from diet; formation of bone developing mineral is stopped and bone tissues starts breaking.

It is difficult to diagnose the disease at the early stage and when it gets diagnosed; it is generally too late. In most of the cases the patient is not even aware about the presence of this disease and when they come to know the disease reaches an advanced stage. Then the symptoms like tenderness of bones, fractures at low trauma, shortening of height, neck paining etc comes to light. Many people have different views as per the main cause of Osteoporosis is concerned but old age is one of the main and most agreed factor in this bone disease. Due to improper intake or absorption of calcium, there is a gradual loss of bone density. This is when our body fails to produce required bone or old bone is reabsorbed by our body itself. Actually when we grow older our body's calcium and phosphate gets reabsorbed into our body and thus making the bone tissues weak and brittle. They start breaking and severe pain starts in the body due to eventual severe damage.

Doctors after so many researches have classified osteoporosis into three types. Firstly, in type one; elderly women are the main sufferers. At the menopausal stage, it may be age factor or any other reason like Oophorectomy or estrogen hormone drops; the bone mineral density gets reduced. Then the amount and varieties of proteins in bone gets altered leading to deterioration of bone. The second type occurs after the age of 75 years and is seen in men and women both, in equal consistency. Drop of estrogen level in women and testosterone level in men are the cause for the development of this disease. And the third type is secondary osteoporosis, which also affects to men and women both equally. This form of osteoporosis results from chronic medical problems, or regular use of certain medications. There are some other causes for the occurrence of this disease like Rheumatoid arthritis, kidney problems, Hyperparathyroidism etc. Family history of this disease also has been found to be the cause in some of the cases of Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis treatment india Treatment of osteoporosis includes proper lifestyle modifications and medications. Lifestyle changes mean consumption of proper calcium enriched diet and exercises; and medication involves intake of sufficient vitamin D and calcium. During this treatment, doctor emphasizes on two basis points, slowing down bone mineral loss and controlling the pain. They give medicines to strengthen the bone and cover the lost amount of minerals. Bone mineral density testing (specifically a densitometry or DEXA scan) is an accurate way to find as to how much bone density someone has. Doctor advises blood and urine tests in case osteoporosis seems to have occurred due to other medical conditions and is not a usual bone loss due to old age. Regular and light exercises like walking, playing, yoga can reduce the risk of bone fractures in people with osteoporosis. Calcium, protein and vitamin D enriched diet are recommended for these patients.

The patients should quit smoking and alcohol consumption as these may damage our bones. Typical fragility fractures are the most dangerous aspect in osteoporosis, especially in vertebral column, rib, hip and wrist. A person suffering with this disease becomes physically weak, which subsequently affects his mental health also. This is a feeble type of disease and acute pain to elderly added by fractures, due to osteoporosis lead to disability. Proper caring and counseling may be helpful for the patients of osteoporosis. Today we are in advanced and modern stage and science and technology has developed manifold. We have developed many ways to handle this disease and the patients with care. It is must to check and follow up the bone mass index and bone mineral density from the age of thirty for women and fifty for men, respectively.

A proper guidance by a competent specialist will help you diagnose the cause and thus making the necessary lifestyle changes. However, if the osteoporosis is due to any other factor then detailed medical study is required. In either of the case the doctor's or the specialists' expertise is of utmost importance. The medical facilities in India have lead to improvement of the condition of many patients who were otherwise losing hope.

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